Wanting to learn or improve your music theory knowledge?

I teach music theory from the ABRSM syllabus, with a 100% pass rate for my students. Studying theory is an excellent way to understand the intricacies of music better, and can really help accelerate your learning on your chosen instrument.

Let me help you take away the complexity of understanding the theory of music with my careful thoughtout approach, covering all areas such as key signatures, intervals, transposition, time signatures and rhythms.

Music Theory

Why study music theory?

Good question! Because it is essential for building a solid musical foundation for the following reasons:

  • Like languages, studying the theory of music allows us to understand the structure and meaning behind the music we are playing.
  • In group settings, having a knowledge of theory will help you feel more confident in communication with others; a common language.

Confidence Building

It doesn’t have to be boring! Granted, for some of you it might not be the most exciting thing to do on your “To Do” list, but learning it will give you a huge confidence boost, and with my structured and fun approach it will make your practical musicianship more interesting.